Birthday celebration speech in English | Speech On Birthday Celebration Best 100 to 500 words

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Birthday celebration speech in English

Birthday celebration speech in English

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I wish Ali many, many happy returns of the this day in his life.

Ali and I grew up from kids, and so he is an open book for me. We have been through school together and then through college and there after Ali went to University and I, to my family business.

Through all these years I have observed the fine mettle he is built with. His sturdy friendship has stood by me many a time, and it was mainly his inspiration that saw me through college, otherwise I was alnost leaving college and becoming a drop out. I am indebted to him for life.

On this 21st birthday, Ali is going to wear the mantle of manhood and I am sure that he would be able to cut out for himself a good niche in life through its fair weather and foul.

I wondered at Ali’s ability to do well in whatever he found himself engaged in. Whether in sports or in studies, in romance, debates or in writing for the college magazine, he was always in the front line.

On this 21st birthday of his life I wish him all the success in life that is, in his career as a teacher, administrator, whatever, as well as his family life, and I have every conviction that he will be a beloved husband and a respected father, in family relationship.

So, ladies and gentlemen, and dear friends, let us give our best to Ali on this day and join the rejoicings on this very important day in his life. Long life, happiness and prosperity to Ali, and please give him a big hand.

Thank You

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