Farewell speech in English | Speech On Farewell Day In English Best 100 to 500 Words

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Farewell speech in English

Farewell speech in English
farewell day speech in english

Mr. Chairman, our respected General Managers, Department Managers, Ladies, Gentlemen and Dear Colleagues !

I rise to speak to you today with a heavy heart because today we would be bidding farewell to Mr. Simon, one of our respected and efficient colleagues. For the last thirty years, Mr. Simon has worked steadfastly, with devotion and integrity, all these years. He has been an inspiration for all of us. He has shown us that duty is to be placed before self, that work is worship, that completion of work alone gives untainted joy.

Mr. Simon has been not only a dedicated worker, but also a fine specimen of humanity and his sympathy and advice had worked miracles on many a time on our tension-ridden minds. Our younger staff has looked on him as a father-figure, and to all of us older employees, he was the universal ‘brother Simon’.

However, if we keep him for longer years with us for our own solace and for getting unblemished support from him, we would not be doing justice to him, because he also needs rest and peace and enjoyment of the fruits of his labour. He also requires to lead calm, quiet and worry-free days in the evening of his life.

We are happy to announce that our retirement benefits and social security accumulations, would afford him enough returns per year to retire from the hustle and bustle of existence, and live quite a contended life.

When we bid Mr. Simon, a farewell with grief, we would like to remind you that he may be out of our working circle, but he will never be out of our minds, and whenever he likes, he may come back among us to energize us and refresh himself with our company. Let us all give Mr. Simon a big hand (Clapping).

Thank you !

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