Human Rights Speech In English | Speech On Conference On Human Rights Shorts Best 500 Words

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Human Rights Speech In English

Human Rights Speech In English

Mr. Chairman, Your Excellencies, Fellow Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Man has risen to be the supreme being among all other kinds of living things. Man has achieved this height through the application of his rationality. Other qualities and attributes that have helped man to move ahead of other animals, are his spirit of cooperation and coexistence.

However, the towering ambition of man keeps on moving upward, and in its flying-high spree, he is apt to be blind to the needs and necessities of all around him. He experiences only the urge to reach his goal, to have more and more acquirements.

We may be all ambitious to a degree, because ambition also has its good points, and without ambition, at last some purpose in life. a man would be like a ship without a rudder. But, as human beings, our feelings and understanding are our main assets. If in the course of our onward rush for success, we forget these noble qualities of ours, if we be immune to and insensible towards the welfare and well being of others, who are our fellowmen, then we would definitely do injustice to others, we would commit the crime of trampling on the rights of others.

While we have every right to think of better prospects for us, we have no right to violate others’ rights and requirements. How beautiful and more humane this world of ours would have been, if we did not have to hold a conference like this on human rights.
Human rights would have been automatically respected and preserved No deliberations would have been needed for its maintenance.

However, it is sad for us, human beings, that such a conference has been found to be necessary to uphold individual rights. It is sad because we are selfish enough to overlook the safety and safeguards of others from physical and mental angles. Physical hardships or tortures are unbearable enough, but no less pinching and pungent, are mental miseries and agonies.

From another side, a conference of this nature and style, shows to us that we have not lost our balance, in the zeal of our own improvement, that we are still sane enough to distinguish between the privileged and non-privileged, the so-called haves and have-nots.

It may be regarded as an achievement for us, human beings, that we have not forgotten our fellow human brethren, and that we assemble from time to time, as we have assembled today, to survey the whole range of rights that all our fellow citizens are entitled to, but are deprived of We have now National and International Human Rights Commissions who look after and supervise on the rights of all mankind, in the national and international perspectives.

There are refugees who have been compelled to leave their homes and under militant and terrorist activities. There might be persons who are persecuted in their own countries and seek asylum or protection in another country. Their might be minorities in one country, not treated at par with the mainstream of the population.

Though our deliberations might not legally achieve much yet in all countries, public opinion is a strong force, and when truth of bad happenings is not suppressed, but is allowed to come out, then our mission is achieved. That the Governments of the world have lent their allegiance to our organisation or organisations, prove the goodwill of all nations, and also show to us that hope and human happiness can still thrive in a world burdened with controversies.

Thank you.

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