June 19 Reading Day Speech In English | Speech On Reading Day Easy Best 100 to 500 Words

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June 19 Reading Day Speech In English

June 19 Reading Day Speech In English

Books are our companionship … the bounds in the hands of us ..
Brightness of the books of ignorance … the darkness of the darkness.
In the brightness of these texts, the revolution comes, the revolution.
The teaching of the book is humanity and the teaching of the book.
The frustrated lives are the patient.
The books are in our hands.
Brightness of the texts of ignorance … in the dark of darkness ..

In the age of information technology, all men, from children to grandparents, appear to be centered around television, mobile. Not hours t. V. The men sitting in front, are not ready to read four lines every day for themselves. As a result, the culture began to disappear and then it was time to re -say, “If you read!”

Reading friends is not just a whirlwind, but a meaningful vint. Because as well as the main purpose of enlightenment is to read.

You are not in fact, so time should be taken to read more than reading. Reading works to give knowledge as a kid. The adolescence works to create conscience and goodwill to protect the shelves and to enjoy the pain during the age of old age.

From childhood to old age, that is, the work of supporting humans throughout their lives and saving them from crisis.

Senior Literary Vs. C. Khandekar says, “Reading filled more aroma in the moments of happiness in my life, and in the event of misery, reading the power to fight the crisis.” You have a lot of material available for reading. Stories, novels, fine prose, epic, etc. are the mountain of you. It is low not only readers and therefore the reading culture is dying. It’s time to say that. Even students are not ready to read the textbooks reference books.

It is only on the guides before the exam.
There is no time for study, it is a shortcut time.
Books are not available in the market, guides are a pleasant.
Prayer is not a pursuit. And the songs of the movie, however, are all mouthpieces.

An infinite philosopher did not pick up a book in the old age, so she used to tear down the book and read the book in her hand and read it without reading Laxman Shastri Joshi at the age of 90. In this way, the penance of the reading made these men a scholar and ax.

People who are literate today, people who can read well are ignoring reading. And those who cannot read are lacking in mindlessness. Therefore, if you want to preserve the culture of reading. Also the need of the hour is to create complete literacy

In the age of current information and technology, there is huge knowledge on modern tools like the Internet. It should be used by readers.

Today, every house should be a goddess and a gland must be. Every village will have a mobile tower, but in every village there should be a library and a book in each hand instead of mobile. Because the mobile and the tower can be indirectly contacted, but the task of bringing the minds away from the culture will be possible through the library, the books and the rites through it.

In the end, I would say that,

A Room without Books is a Body Without Soul.

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