Lawyer Speech In English | Speech On Lawyer Convention As Chief Guest In Short 100 to 500 Words

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Lawyer Speech In English

Lawyer Speech In English
Lawyer Day Speech In English

Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen !

It gives, me immense pleasure to speak to you today at this Convention. We all are aware that practicing of law is regarded as a learned profession. I need not tell this important audience here that the lawyer’s is a very dedicated and committed life. The selfless service that a lawyer gives to society and his country, may or may not be compensated by the consideration that he gets in return, but the qualitative aspect of a lawyer’s work, should invite great appreciation from all quarters.

The lawyer is a very important member of the community. He stands between the law and the people, as well as between the law and the authorities. He is there amongst us for the interpretation of the law of the land.

Without the lawyer, the whole legal system, the gamut of rules and regulations and official acts and decrees, would remain lop-sided or one-sided. It is also quite possible that in the urge and zeal to implement the tenets of codified regulations, there could be indiscriminate and unrestricted application of rules.

The lawyers act as a break and could provide yeomen’s service to the people and to the country by the exposition of the rules and how far these are to be made effective on the violators.

Every person who is accused of an offence may not be actually guilty unless his guilt is proved in a court of law. It is the lawyer who is to assist the judge to arrive at the right decision as to whether an offence or crime has been actually committed or not.

In the lawyer’s hands therefore, lies the sequence of democracy because when two lawyers successfully argue the case, for and against, from the positive and negative sides, then a greater clarification of the issue or the dispute comes to light, and the judge and the jury may arrive at the truth behind the apparently wrong action.

Therefore, if democracy in a country is to survive, if the rights of the individuals are to be upheld, the rightful participation of lawyers in the legal system is essential. It is the duty of lawyers to explain to the judiciary and to the people the various details, degrees and nuances of the codified law.

The lawyers also do a good service to the people and to the Government by finding out the flaws, the loopholes, if any, in their efforts to save their clients. It is through their arguments that the government might realize and find out the chinks and way-outs in an Act of the state, which would have to be plugged or cemented. This, the government could very well do through subsequent amendments of the concerned Act. Thus, from the point of security and general well-being, the services of the lawyers in a State are commendable.

My only submission to you gentlemen, is that, considering the great trust and responsibility reposed in lawyers, the great social service the lawyers could render to society, and the much-needed academical interest that they could bring to the legal system as a whole, the state and the community, should have much respect for lawyers.

However, no light is without darkness, no goodness is away from the touch of evil, no rightful action is rightful without wrongful inclination, and so on. This is only to indicate that since the lawyers are deeply involved in the legal ways, explanations, etc. they could have in their hands the power of reflecting the laws, and hence, it is required of them to continue strictly with their business norms.

It was Gandhiji who while practicing as a lawyer in South Africa, a long time ago, discovered the true function of a lawyer. A lawyer, according to the Great Mahatma, should try to bring the two rival parties in a case, to reconcile with each other. This way, much unnecessary expenses and wastage of time could be saved.

The real lawyer would fight a case more as a challenge to the academical interpretation of the law. Further, he would be more concerned about guarding the interests of his clients against all odds.

The clients come to a lawyer, sometimes, in a state of utter desperation, and in his frustrated and helpless condition, his lawyer is his only beacon light. I hope all members of the legal profession would remember this fact in dealing with their clients.

Thank you.

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