Marriage Anniversary Speech In English | Speech On Marriage Anniversary Best 100 to 300 Words In English

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Marriage anniversary speech in English

Marriage anniversary speech in English
Speech On Marriage Anniversary In English

Ladies and Gentlemen!

It is with great pleasure at this fifth anniversary of Mrs. and Mr. D’souza, our very good friends, we congratulate them and wish them a long married life and eternal happiness.

All our friends will bear with me that it was a very happy occasion for us when we attended the marriage of these love-birds, when with much amusement we noticed that they had eyes for only each other and no one else. I hope my friend D’souza and Mrs.D’souza will forgive us for mentioning this, but I mentioned this on purpose to point out to you friends, that we would pray to the heavens so that all married couples may be blessed with love at their marriage.

Then, friends, we remember their first anniversary and we saw the strengthening and maturing of their love in their actions and glances, and our happiness knew no bounds. Love is the foundation of marriage, and with such a married couple as D’souzas among us, we feel ourselves to be lucky.

The married life of the D’souzas was further blessed with their first born, their darling son, and the close friends of D’souzas found contentment to see them finally settle down in family-life.

At this fifth anniversary we see them blooming out properly, spreading out the petals of married life. We wish them unhindered peace and joy in their joint-life for ever, and while praying for them to have all the material prosperity and happiness, I for one, would like to come back to them every year, on this date, with my family and friends, to say to them ‘many happy returns of the day’

Thank You,

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