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Personality Speech In English

Personality Speech In English

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I would like to thank, first of all, the sponsors of this meeting under whose aegis I have been able to face you and interact with you. Environment today is not an isolated subject that can be discussed and studied as something of academic interest, but environment is very much a live issue, that is intimately woven into the fabric of human existence.

To start with, we have to go back at the start of history to identify environment with nature as well as the habits and living of human and other beings. There is the environment of the cold countries and the environment of the hot and humid atmosphere. There is the environment of the sea-side, the environment of the mountains, and of the desert region.

We have also the forests, the watersheds, the greenery and so on. We may fell the woods for logs to be sold, we may reclaim the waterways for building homes, and blast the mountains to expand our urban civilization, but we might not realize that these actions are hazardous for us, for human welfare.

When we chop off trees and bare the mountain slopes off greenery, we cut off a part of nature that was installed to supply man with the nourishment of purer atmosphere. The chimney smoke from our factories, and the chemical wastes pouring into our rivers, pollute the air we breathe and the water we drink. Further, the fish and other watery products that could provide nourishment to sections of mankind become tainted through water-pollution and may become unfit for consumption.

Thus, man is proving to be man’s own enemy, by destroying nature and polluting the very surroundings where man lives. In urban areas, in cities and towns population is increasing, provision for sanitation is diminishing and the excess of transportation is getting out petrol and exhaust air into the natural environment. Many of man’s maladies could be avoided, if he could breathe free and fresh air throughout the day.

We can hold meetings and discuss about protecting nature, but the task is not easy. Unless the people cooperate with the Authorities, unless the protecting and safety rules enacted by the Government were supplemented by people’s coordination and self-restraint, there could be sneaking violations of rules, as also encroachments and trespassing without control.

Environment preservation is sometimes a high sounding word and at other times it becomes a way of life with the people. When children are taught from their tender age that maintaining of the natural scenery is an important aspect of living. It is a useful duty of all men, women and children to enrich nature and the natural environment by their daily acts, by keeping their surroundings and their habitation clean and healthy. It is not through regulations but through realization that man and nature can exist in absolute peace.

Thank you.

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