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Political Speech In English

Political Speech In English

Mr. President, Honourable Guests, Party colleagues!

We have gathered here at a point of time which should be important because General Elections are round the corner. This, therefore, is an opportunity for as to review our performances and deliberate on our prospects.

Since the last general election, much water has flowed and many of the opposition parties have done better at the polls in State Assembly elections.

The results in more States were expected because our Party Leaders were more concerned about external matters like security as well as precaution against terrorism and communal dissentions within the country. However, our efforts at national integration continued unabated and our National Human Rights Commission has been doing a meritorious job since its inception only a few years

Our external policies and political and economic administrations have been very satisfactory. The democratic process has been established beyond doubt, and the management of our economy has been lauded even by foreign governments and institutions.
While everything appears to be going on well and as per schedule, we have faced reversals at Assembly elections in the States.

We have now analyzed the causes and have come to the conclusion that such reverses are but the natural fall-outs of people’s inclinations and desires for a change, for some change, which they imagine would better their material existence.

I may term this liking of our people as imaginary because economically and politically our steps have been correct. We have achieved maximum results in all sectors. Our granaries are full, our exports are booming, foreign investors and businessmen are having better confidence in our system and our native companies are spreading out in other counter countries to get firmer footholds.

Internally, the middle class population is having a much better status and the wages of laborers are increasing. But our political personalities are engaged more in other pressing preoccupations, and therefore, they have had less leisure to establish, renew and strengthen their contacts and interactions with the common people who may have nowhere to take their grievance to, except to anybody who could lend them ears, who have enough pastime for fomenting their complaints and grievances.

However, we should never regard this as idle work because our base is in the people who have voted us to power, and we have every hope that judging the results of our actions, our people will be on our side in spite of any propaganda or publicity against us.

It is, however, time now that we should, every one of our partymen, find time to be with the people to explain to them, that real progress does not consist in populist measures like giving them subsidies, pensions, free food and lodging etc. but to place the country’s working on such a footing that each citizen, each individual, finds the chance to earn enough to meet his needs. We have to convince the people that aiding them with subsidies and concessions, could be regarded as a wrong principle of assisting people. The real assistance is to make the people self-reliant and self-sufficient, so that they earn more and more and contribute to the country’s development, in a much bigger way.

Thank you.

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