Religious ceremony Christmas speech in English | Speech On Christmas Best 100 to 500 Words In English

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Religious ceremony Christmas speech in English

Religious ceremony Christmas speech in English

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At this congregation to celebrate Christmas, I should only say that on this day it is incumbent on us to remember the troubles and tortures the Great Saviour of mankind under-went to deliver the human race from evil.

If our Lord and Master could bear such deep agonies, then compared to that our own sufferings would appear negligible. But we are not to do comparisons, but to propagate the teachings of our Lord. If we could incorporate a few of the tenets, the advice and teachings of our Master, then that would tantamount to the greatest respect that we could show to Him.

Religion, as we know, is a way of life. It gives us the norm that we should follow in life, to sail through difficulties and If we try to get at the aims of our lives here, on this earth, we would find that the aims of life are to be to better ourselves, to enrich and develop our minds, and if we can attain some such developments, if we acquire enough confidence in ourselves, then it is our duty and responsibility, to guide others who are for guidance, to assist others who require assistance.

On this auspicious and holy day let us pray together for the betterment of our souls, and take some vows together that each day we will do something good, some good turn to somebody, and thus little by little we would add up to our soul’s maturity. Amen

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