Science and Development Speech In English | Speech On World Science Day For Peace and Development In Short

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Science and Development Speech In English

Science and Development Speech In English
world science day for peace and development speech in english

Mr. Chairman, Honourable Chief Guest, Ladies and Gentlemen!

We live in an age of progress. In this age one who does not develop, will stay behind and will recede. One who adopts to new means of advancement will go ahead.

In this race for going forward, modern technology is the most useful tool, which we should use to make our forward journey smooth and impressive. Technology however, has the tendency of getting obsolete. The gadget or equipment that is new today may become old tomorrow.

To protect us from such a pitfall, we have to adopt and adjust ourselves, with new technology. Each new technology is expected to improve efficiency, reduce cost and save operational time and energy, among others.

But, Science supplies us the means. We have to harness this means to our respective usefulness. To make this effective, that is, to apply scientific methods properly in our lives to make our progress more successful, we must have more and more research and development (R & D) organization. R & D is an integral part now of our industrial network. Many capable industries are having their own research and development sectors that work for their own improvement in cost and quality. Thus, science and technology have to run side by side.

Theoretically speaking, sciences is the vast domain of knowledge, of nature’s mysteries which would never exhaust, and which man can forever explore to find new methods of better living.

New theories could be invented, new formulas drawn up, new medicines, new sources of energy, production, transportation, communication etc. could lead man to enjoy and lead life, in a better manner.

Technology could be bettered through research and through improvements, on the on-going processes. As technology is made superior, efficiency increases, and the quality and standard of life become superior.

Science and technology are supplementary things. Scientific inventions and innovations are necessary for the advancement of technology. At the same time, as the need for higher and sophisticated technology is felt, man engages himself more and more to scientific inventions which would give newer bases for superior technology.

Technology demand, therefore, is one of the motivations behind scientific research. In the modern age, progress has become the pastime, so much so, that old models of cars, machinery and equipment are being discarded like old clothes. In consumer durables and goods like television sets musical systems, communication modes, refrigerators, electronic goods, etc. the world is moving so  fast that there is no time to stand and ponder.

Scientists, designers and manufacturers, in fact, everybody connected with the consumer products, is on a mad race to reach the goal of maximum efficiency first. Scientific knowledge and development, are now equal partners. Science has become the mainstay of our existence.

In this set-up we can guide our children towards the scientific bend, if we have a system that puts science into their minds from an early age. Computer education, machine drawing biology and botany in their simpler forms should be included in children’s curricula. We must remember, we have to keep pace with progress.

Thank you.

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