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Teacher Speech In English

Teacher Speech In English

Speech On Teachers Easy

Honourable Chief Guest, Ladies and Gentlemen!

This is a big moment for me because I am addressing you, teachers, whom I regard as the most important members of our community. From my childhood, I have always maintained a deep respect for teachers.

Teachers are the builders of our society and you may say, our civilization. The students of today will build up and propagate the civilization of tomorrow. Once a film actress was asked the question as to what she thought about teachers, and she replied that she considered teachers to be the most perfect of beings. She was in a way right, because the students who are being taught think his teacher as the be-all and end-all of superiority.

I may tell you another small episode which is relevant in this context.

I knew the head of our coaching institute who used to get lots of school drop-outs and rowdy students of low intellectual levels, who took coaching from this institute to appear as private candidates in school-final examinations. Before selecting a teacher, he would provisionally put a teacher in the most indisciplined class. If the teacher could manage that class, could keep the class quiet, then he was in, he required no other recommendations.

Think I would tell all you teachers to keep this in mind that if a teacher is good in his or her field of teaching and if this teacher loves the students, and is committed to teach them, then that teacher would be doing his duty in the best manner. As teachers, I think we must remember one thing, and that is, that the students are not our competitors, they are our wards. There is no good student or bad student, but just ‘student’ who of course has his or her limitation of intelligence, his capacity of take-in and reproduce, that is all.

Parents and teachers are the two pillars of a child’s citadel. The structure of the child’s life and career does rest on these two pillars, and if the parents on the one hand and the teachers on the other guide, the child in the right direction, then there is every certainty that. the children, all children would bloom to the best according to their inherent caliber.

Ladies and Gentlemen, teaching is one of the noblest of professions, and a sacrificing one too. It is sacrificing because the students learn not only from the words of the teachers, but also from the life and mode of conduct of the teacher. Teaching is a very
responsibilities. I wish all teachers everywhere will realize their responsible job

Thank you.

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