Welcome Speech For Business Meeting In English | Speech On Business Meeting Best 100 to 500 Words

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Welcome Speech For Business Meeting In English

Welcome Speech For Business Meeting In English

Mr. Chairman, the Honourable Chief Guest, Ladies and Gentlemen!

We have assembled here to take very important decisions on quite a few vital issues. There is no doubt that when a person or a group starts a business, it (business) may be begun in isolation.

Soon however, the complex nature of the business world catches up with the solitary working of the business unit and this unit has to face competition, national and global, and also, regulations, strictures and a host of situations some of which could be favourable and some, unfavourable.

At the very outset we must realize that an industrial or business venture is not simply an individual or sectional affair, but it is a national and global affair, and hence, a venture of this kind, requires the cooperation of all, the people, the government as well as the foreigners. The fureigners are also benefited from a successful national expertise because they can also have the chance to utilize transfer of technology from both sides.

A business enterprise has to thrive on the basis of community welfare. Whether we produce goods or services the quality of our production should be the best, that is our maximum capability. Not only that, this venture should also aim at maximum public welfare.

Gentlemen, we cannot reap and keep our profits like that of a run-away fugitive. We have to live and work in society, we have to produce utility, we have to disburse that utility in an equitable manner among our fellow citizens.

Our norm should be always high, our target should be benevolent, and our working should be above board, above any question of integrity. There is no ‘touch and go’ in business. The business has to build up goodwill, prove its performance, sincerity and steadiness.

There are two sides of a coin. Just as we are committed to our business, we have to be dedicated towards our objectives, so also, the country and the Government have to cooperate with us, to boost us and push us in both national and international business worlds.
We do no want that the Government should help us blindly because we are national units, but some sort of security cover is required against those who seek to destroy our growth through unscrupulous acts.

Also, we must depend on our own people, our own nation to stand by us and promote and patronize our products and services, if we are able to satisfy their consumer tastes.

This love for one’s own country’ goods, may also be termed as true nationalism which every businessman can expect from and bank on his countrymen. when there is an irrational craze for foreign goods, and total rejection of anything produced nationally, irrespective of its quality and utility, then we businessmen are at a loss to fight a proclivity which is nothing but sort of an addiction.

We, thus, expect that our countrymen, our own people, will back us and help us to launch our own business activities.

At the same time, we are entitled to hope that our Government would extend their cooperation to make our business, our venture, stand against national and foreign competition. National competition we should not fear, if that competition is carried on in free and fair terms. About international competition also, the same contentions hold good.

But, if that competition is made unfare through protective duties abroad, or unwilly exports from abroad at unreasonable price-cuts, known as ‘dumping’, then we should expect our Government to assist us through duty exemptions etc. We should be allowed to thrive to strengthen national life.

Thank you.

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