Welcome speech in English | Speech On Welcome In Any Ceremony In English Best 100 to 500 Words

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Welcome speech in English

Welcome speech in English
short welcome speech in english

Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am happy to announce that Mr. George is taking over as our General Manager, and on this day on behalf of the whole staff of our company, we welcome him to this organisation of ours, which I am sure will run most efficiency under his control.

This is no idle imagination, ladies and gentlemen, and friends, but is the reality, because Mr. George besides his long list of qualifications of expertise, has vast experience, in diverse fields, in a large span of years. It is to his credit that he was instrumental in reviving many sick industries abroad. Those units are now making profits, and are on their own legs.

Ours is a viable organisation, and as it is, we have no problems of efficiency generation. Therefore, it is our earnest expectation that he would take over our organisation to make it more and more profitable so that we, as workers and employees, could expect more considerations by way of bonus and salary-increase.

Dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, I would not like to present the impression that we are only for our own returns and gains. As staff of the company our first consideration is for our organisation because we are well aware that if the company thrives, we will all prosper, and we all know that in this interaction, Mr. George, our new General Manager would be the right person at the helm to guide our destiny to a glorious end.

Friends, the only way we can discharge our obligation is to give our best to our company, and our faithful allegiance to Mr. George, and our commitment and devotion to our work and duties. On behalf of the staff, I may assure our new General Manager, all these and more from us. We extend our heartiest welcome to him.

Thank you.

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